The Tarot Set - Portfolio of Artist George GP. Pantoulas
Graphic design, illustration, photography and web design by Visual Artist George Pantoulas
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The Tarot Set

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20 November

Art, Illustration
About This Project



Abandon hope all ye who enter here

Ok, not so dramatic, but when it comes to art, we can say whatever we dream.
So welcome to my twisted majorArcana link. If you liked and want to have,
NOW you CAN have it
contact at grafistas [at] yahoo [dot] com

The major Arcana taRot set. Some woRds for the tWist.
Who am i? Im an illustrator/designer from Greece. I dream, therefore i design.

the majorArcana tarRot series. This project goes long back to the past. Almost 10 years of making and unmaking to reach the perfect.

How can i get one.Its very simple. Just contact me at grafistas {at} yahoo {dot} com for a quote.

The sets come in series of 10. What will i get? You’ ll receive the 22 characters of the major arcana in a handmade paper box. The size of the cards is 115mm x 200mm, pretty big for cards, printed on both sides on high quality plastic coated paper. The box comes numbered and signed. How much time will you need to send it? 2 days is the best time i can do for the process. The shipping is free for a registered package, worldwide.

contact at grafistas [at] yahoo [dot] com

If you like to have a ebook iTunes version you can buy it in  or in  pdf